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Find your next BMW with Peter Vardy

At Peter Vardy our qualified technicians go a long way to ensure all our vehicles meet the standard of an Approved Used BMW. We want you to have complete peace of mind when buying with us and carry out independent mileage and history checks. As a guarantee of the level of quality all Approved Used BMW's come with 12 months unlimited mileage warranty, emergency service cover and MOT cover.

Based in the East of Edinburgh our state of the art showroom is easily accessible and only a short drive from the city centre.

With an unrivalled selection of cars and our routinely strong value, the obvious choice is Peter Vardy for your next BMW.

We look forward to seeing you at Peter Vardy BMW, Seafield Road, Edinburgh.

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Our Sales team are on hand to field your calls and answer questions you might have about any of the Approved Used cars online.

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